Year 8 Begins

“I am NOT a role model!” It was in a Nike commercial in the 90’s that Charles Barkley uttered those words.

I too, am NOT a role model. I’m just not. As I type this there is a Newport dangling from my mouth. You don’t want your kid to do that. I have 9 tattoos. I don’t want my kids to have any. I cuss like a Sailor. I don’t take anything seriously. When folks are being serious, I crack jokes. I stay in sleazy motels on the road because I’m cheap and low-class situations are my jam. I’m kind of a dirtball. My nickname should be Pig Pen. I eat like a hog and I like awful, dark comedy. I am NOT who you want your kid, or my kid, to grow up to be.

But I have these good qualities too. I’m ridiculously self-aware. I’m not likely to hurt your feelings. I’m thoughtful. You’ll know I care about you. I’m selfless. Like this shirt? Take it. I’m a hard-worker. Hey, it’s Year 8! And I’m funny as all get up and go.

Clearly, I have work to do. So, I thought Almost an Angel was the perfect cover to start Year 8.

I’m going full disclosure, fully transparent, damn near see-through here; I don’t remember the flick!

If you’ve read any of my work these last seven years, you know I own an embarrassing number of movies and I’ve seen twice as many as I own….and I own A LOT. But this is one I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on. No yard sales. No discount bins. No one I know owns it. The obstacles abound. I remember parts of it, I remembered the cover, but the film as a whole eludes me.

From what I can recall, you’ll forgive my inability to recall obscure movies that came out in 1990, though, up against a wall, I think I could hold my own, the film in a nutshell is, a kind of bad guy, kind of good guy dies and has a chance to right the wrongs in his life. Think “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Crocodile Dundee and cigarettes. Paul Hogan is a rough edge type of guy who isn’t above being selfish or illegal activities. But at his core, he’s a good dude dealt a bad hand.

I thought that fit my profile pretty closely. I’m not built for jail, but I’m not the country club type. I’d rather stay in the hole in the wall motels than the swanky spots offered to me for magazine related functions. I’ll eat gas station food in a second, a meal at a 4-Star restaurant would take some arm twisting. I’m just a simple guy. Back when I was struggling, I too was prone to grab things I needed without paying. Not proud of it, not above either.

Oh! I remembered something! A reason to watch the movie. There’s a great scene where he thinks he’s done enough to earn his way to Heaven. He starts trying to figure out how he’s to get up there, so he tries like hell to fly. I remember laughing quite a bit at that scene. Plus Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a co-star. Now you’ve got a reason to watch it. If you can find it.

I’m not a great dude, but I’m getting closer.

In other news; there’s been an awful lot going on at the border these days and I’ve been recruiting writers frantically in the hopes I’d be able to present you some insightful articles before the Summer ends.

It’s important to me, it’s important to the foster care world. I’m hoping my measured approach to reporting on it will give it the gravity it deserves. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and I won’t add to it. Stay tuned for that.

I want to go in depth with something here in the Editor’s Notes but it’s so damn hot! My brain, like the plants in my yard are getting fried.

Oh wait. I got something.

You’re aware of my homeless stints after care. The housefire 8 years ago that prompted me to chase my dream of owning a foster care magazine. My struggles with spending, etc.. We’re going off the assumption that you’ve been reading my stuff. It’s ok if you haven’t. All those things made a moment that happened late in the month, worth it.

I bought the house I’ve been renting with my family since the housefire. 8 years as a tenant in these walls and today I’m the landlord. My past is merely a memory. Living off of a $1 a day is a struggle I’ll hopefully never revisit.

I feel accomplished. Feel like I’ve provided for my family. I feel like…ALMOST an Angel.

Enjoy the issue and your 4th of July festivities.