Dr. Capri Cruz

Dr. Capri Cruz is a former foster child who, by the grace of God, survived a plethora of tragic life events that attempted to destroy her. Years later, Dr. Cruz received a revelation that compelled her to take deliberate action over her life. She has since turned her life into a cinematic worthy legacy that her beloved daughter and future generations can be very proud of.

At a very young age, little Capri suffered identity altering physical, mental and sexual abuse, and two attempts to end Capri’s life. Never to be the same again, her life tragedies continued to multiply as she later witnessed the harrowing death of her mother, became a teenage runaway to get away from her abuser, unknowingly found herself a target for racists, and ultimately lost any sense of identity that she had.

Unconsciously, her brain tried to protect her by sequestering her in mental oblivion for two decades as the depth of her trauma was just too much to process alone.

At 37 years old, she found herself on the losing end of a terrifying domestic dispute with a narcissist she later realized she should have never gotten involved with. Running for her life, she ended up finding safety in her best friend’s condo garage. Upon awakening the next moring, Capri had an acute spiritual awareness that everything in her life needed to change.

For the first time in her life, Capri began to “consciously awaken”. Solution–Focused therapy helped her to realize that she was the problem in her own life and she was also the solution. This new philosophy ignited a depth of personal responsibility that catapulted her out of powerless victimhood and into Deliberate Creation.

Since discovering the concept of deliberate creation, Dr. Cruz has become a retired U.S. Navy Veteran, PhD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Founder of “Fostering Hearts and Homes” 501(c)(3), and the acclaimed Author of From Foster Care to FABULOUS: An Imperative Movement and Maximize Your Super Powers Vol. 1. Despite her achievements, Dr. Cruz feels like her life has only just begun. Now she is on a mission to offer others the thoughtful guidance and emotional support that she wishes someone would have offered her.

To receive guidance or support on a life experience you’re struggling with, please email your questions DrCapriCruz@gmail.com. All responses will be anonymous